Pay a Traffic Violation

Plead to or pay a Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) traffic ticket, or schedule a hearing online.
Average Time of Transaction Less than 5 Minutes
TOP Pay a Traffic Violation

A TVB traffic ticket is a ticket for non-criminal moving violations issued in the five boroughs of New York City.

Use this online service to:

  • Plead ‘Guilty’ to the ticket and immediately pay the fines, fees, and surcharges that result from a plea of guilty.  
  • Plead ‘Not Guilty’ to the ticket and schedule a TVB hearing in the jurisdiction where the ticket was issued.
  • Pay the fines, fees, and surcharges that resulted from an earlier traffic ticket conviction.
  • Change an earlier ‘Not Guilty’ plea to a ‘Guilty’ plea and immediately pay all the fines, fees and surcharges that result from a plea of guilty.
  • Reschedule a ‘Not Guilty’ hearing (one time).
  • Take 'No Action' on a ticket.
  • Request to be notified when your traffic ticket has been entered into our system.

You cannot use this online service to:

  • Plead ‘Guilty’ if the conviction will result in the suspension or revocation of your driver license. You must appear at a TVB office.
  • Plead ‘Not Guilty’ online if your driver license or driving privilege is suspended for failure to answer the ticket
  • Reschedule a ‘Not Guilty’ hearing after rescheduling once before.  

To use this transaction:

  • Your traffic ticket must already be in our system.
  • Your traffic ticket must display the words 'Traffic Violations Bureau' at the bottom.
  • The traffic ticket must be an 'open' ticket. An 'open' ticket is a ticket that has not been answered or a ticket that has been answered but not fully paid.   
How To
How To
  1. Go to the website specified in the Plead/Pay section below 
  2. Enter the required information
  3. Submit
  4. Keep the confirmation email for your records

Ready?  Have with you:

  • Your traffic ticket number.  Don’t have your ticket number?  Enter all other information requested.  We may be able to locate the ticket record.
  • Your Client ID number or your full name, date of birth and gender as they appear on the traffic ticket.
  • Credit card or pinless debit card for payment.

Ready to plead, pay, or schedule a hearing online?



Contact the TVB for traffic violations only. Other DMV services are not available at TVB locations or by contacting the TVB by phone. Contact the TVB via phone between 8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays).

  • New York City Metropolitan Area: 1-718-488-5710 
  • Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD): 1-800-368-1186

Traffic Violations Plea Unit P.O. Box 2950-ESP Albany, NY 12220-0950